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Assure Life - Products and Services

We provide cheap life cover exactly the same as Tesco or Money's life cover and the same as you would buy on line from AVIVA and L&G, but we are able to give you a qualified advice process.

Insurance products from Assure Life include:

  • Cheap life insurance
  • Mortgage life cover
  • Mortgage life assurance / insurance
  • Cheap life cover
  • Life assurance
  • Life cover
  • Level term cover
  • Decreasing life cover
  • Level term assurance
  • Death cover
  • Inheritance Tax cover
  • Business life cover
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Partnership insurance
  • Whole of life cover
  • Reviewable life cover
  • Guaranteed Life cover
  • Inheritance life cover
  • Loan life cover
  • Death in Service cover
  • Commercial pilots life cover
  • Head Teachers life cover
  • Celebrity Life Insurance