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Level Term Assurance

Pays out a fixed lump sum on death of the policy holder during the term.

Decreasing Term Assurance

Pays out a decreasing lump sum on death of the policy holder during the term.

Critical Illness Cover

Pays out if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of a list of specified critical illnesses.

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Life insurance is a product all of us in the UK know about but very few actually sit down and calculate how much we need. It's normally done on the back of a mortgage application by your Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). It can be used for a whole range of other issues outside mortgages such as funeral costs, loans, gifts to family on death. It's a valuable tool when looking at Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT).

It can be used for broader situations like covering Key staff members (key man insurance.) Corporate schemes such as group Life cover. Families with young children Family Protection. Life cover can be used in any situation where someone else would be financially disadvantaged if you die.

Life insurance is a product that should be reviewed on a fairly regular basis. The majority of people just insure their mortgage-but is this enough? What about the take home pay that will disappear when one wage earner drops out of the picture. Have you got cover for credit cards and short term borrowings such as personal loans?

Life insurance costs have dropped in the last couple of years, this is due in part to the fact we are looking after ourselves better and living longer. It is also being driven by new providers coming into the market such as Tesco's and Sainsbury's. What we aim to do with this site is to give you a very quick idea of cost for your needs. As Independent Financial Advisors we are able to access a whole range of companies in the market to find cheap life insurance. If you use the form provided we can back to you very quickly with an affordable premium.

In the current financial climate why not e-mail us with details of existing life insurance you have in place and let us see if we can find cheaper life insurance.

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